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Bridge Pathshala (Centre for Bridge Excellence)

December 21, 2020

Inauguration of Bridge Pathshala

To know more about this program visit You can contact Mr. Ravi Raman also: +91 98200 85046

Bridge Pathshala (LSS Centre for Bridge Excellence) was formally inaugurated on December 17, 2020. The inauguration was attended by over 80 people – 15 in person and over 65 people on zoom. Bridge Pathshala is a bridge school focused on bridge education and is set up as a unit of Lokmanya Seva Sangh under the auspices of BFI. The meeting started with a video tour of the premises of the Pathshala followed by a welcome address by Vijay Joshi, member of School Governing Council. This was followed by a small Pooja to Lord Ganesh for smooth conduct of the Pathshala and making it a successful venture.

Mr. Sundaresan, President of BFI, spoke on the occasion and emphasized that setting up a bridge school with premises of 200 square feet in the heart of Mumbai was a dream come true. He thanked LSS for their commitment to Bridge Education and wished everyone the best of luck”. Mr. Uday Tarlarkar, Chief of LSS Governing council,  stated “BFI and will stand together and support each other to make this venture a success. He said he was delighted to see the birth of the new organization despite the prevailing pandemic situation.”

The function was also graced by Anil Padhye and Arun Sohoni, who are members of the School Governing Council.  BFI is currently represented by Anand Samant on the School Governing council but the three BFI representatives for the School Governing Council will be finalized after the BFI elections are completed.

Ravi Raman, principal of Bridge Pathshala, concluded the function with a vote of thanks to all who have helped in translating a vision into a reality. He committed that every effort will be made to take this organization to Himalayan heights.

Faculty Training for Bridge Pathshala

Bridge Pathshala has an Advisory Council (Technical) who will review the course content and processes and advise on how to improve the content and delivery on a continuous basis. The following people were present at the function

Advisory Council – TechnicalFaculty MembersOthers
Rajeshwar Tiwari (Zoom)Aniruddha SanzgiriAnil Padhye, Member School Governing Council
Ajay Khare (Zoom)RavichandranVijay Joshi, Member School Governing Council
Sandeep KarmarkarRahul KhambeteAnand Samant, Member School Governing Council (Zoom)
R Krishnan (Kista) (Zoom)VasantiVishwananth Bediya, Administrator
 RajmohanChetan Raval, Administrator
 Ravi RamanRavi Raman, Principal
 Pankaj Doshi 
 Anil Padhye 
 Subhash Bhavnani 

Ravi walked the audience through the organization structure, various processes marketing, delivery of courses and the feedback process. He emphasized the need to have a feedback loop to ensure continuous improvement, which will be the stepping stone to success. He also introduced the 10 services that will be offered from January 1 2021. He emphasized that this faculty pool was an initial pool and more faculty members will be added from all over India once the business stabilizes in the first quarter.

He said that Bridge Pathshala will commence operations from January 1 2021 after its website is built with all details of the bridge school. He also emphasized the need to get state associations and affiliate organizations involved in the operations of the school and will be reaching out to them once we stabilize our operations. The launch of the school was delayed by the pandemic and hence there was a need to get started immediately and our commitment is to involve all people immediately after we start operations and stabilize.

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posted on December 21, 2020
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