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BFI Executive Committee 2020-22

December 26, 2020

Bridge Federation of India (BFI) has officially announced the AGM and for the election of office bearers at the AGM on 26th. December,2020. at 11 a.m. via Zoom Meeting.

As per the prescribed time-table, nominations were to close on 20Th. December, 2020.  There were eleven vacancies in all: One President, Six Vice Presidents, One Secretary, One Treasurer, and Two Joint Secretaries.  There were eleven nominations – exactly one for each of these offices – received upto midnight of 20th. December 2020.

These were found to have been duly nominated, seconded, and consented to by the candidates. The list of the nominees, together with the names of their proposers and seconders, were also scrutinised by the Secretariat of the BFI to ensure that they had complied with the rules, and had fulfilled all the eligibility criteria.

Having been found to be in order, the list was circulated by the BFI to all the Member Bridge Associations, for their perusal and consideration, on 22nd. December, 2020.

None of the candidates has since withdrawn his/her consent to serve on the offices to which they have been duly nominated.  As the number of candidates corresponds exactly with the number of offices to be filled, it follows that no balloting is necessary, and all candidates are  to be declared to have been elected unopposed.

Thus the following are hereby declared elected unopposed to the posts indicated against each name:

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posted on December 26, 2020
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