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NATIONAL MASTERS 2021 FROM 20 – 28 November

October 19, 2021


  • National Master’s Team Event
  • National Master’s Match Point Pairs Event
  • Non-Master’s Match Point Pairs Event



  • Participation in this tournament is open to resident bridge players of Indian Nationality, who shall have to their credit at least 500 National (Federation) Master Points as on 15th November 2021.
  • This is a Ranking Point event and hence performance in the Teams / National Master’s MP Pairs will be eligible for Ranking Points, as per the prevailing BFI Ranking Point Policy 2018-22.
  • In the Team event or National Master’s MP Pairs event, having one or more non-resident Indian bridge player(s) of known skill equivalent to the National Master rank of BFI (Bridge Federation of India) will also be eligible to participate. However if there is a non-resident player in the winning team / Master’s Pairs event, the non-resident player & his partner will not be eligible for the ranking points from this tournament (In case, if the non-resident player has played with 2 or more partners in the team event, then all of them will be ineligible for the ranking points).
  • All participating players should be registered under BFI Master Point Scheme and also registered with the World Bridge Federation (Annual Registration fee of Rs. 100/-) and should meet the requirement of participation of the particular event, as specified by BFI.
  • Teams participating in Team event can have a minimum of four and maximum of 8 players in the team. 
  • In Team event, each player has to play a minimum 25% of the boards at each stage of the tournament. See SCoC for more details.
  • TRIOS are not allowed in any of the Pairs event.
  • One berth will be reserved for the Sponsors in the National master Pairs final, with the condition that the pair playing in final, satisfies the criteria of minimum 500 Federation MPs
  • All the events will be played on RealBridge platform. For playing on “Realbridge” platform, players have to ensure that they have a laptop / desktop, I-pads or PC with Camera & Microphone facility and a good internet connection. This is a mandatory condition and players should ascertain that they are equipped with the required paraphernalia before entering the event. It may please be noted that you can’t play the event on mobile phone.
  • Detailed information on the schedule & SCoC will be circulated on the BFI web site at
  • Entries for all events will start from 1st Nov 2021 on Tournament web site

Play Format:

  • OPTION-1: If there are 24 or less teams, then they will be divided in two groups based on BFI Federation master point seeding method and will play an all-play-all round-robin within their group. For 16 teams, we will have 2 groups of 8 teams each and 7 rounds of 12 board matches. For 18 / 20 teams, we will have 2 groups of 9 / 10 teams each and 9 rounds of 10 board matches. For 22/24 teams, we will have 2 groups of 11 / 12 teams each and 11 rounds of 8 board matches.

After playing the Round-Robin within their group, the TOP 4 teams from each group will qualify for the Quarter-Finals. Details of QF line-up will be published in SCoC.

  • OPTION-2: If the no. of entries is more than 24, there will be a Swiss-League of 8 rounds of 12 boards each. After playing the Swiss league, the TOP 8 teams will qualify for the quarter-finals. Details of QF line-up will be published in SCoC.


  1. The tournament format & schedule may change depending on no. of entries received.  Players will be informed accordingly.
  • The Last date of entry for the events is as follows. No entries will be accepted after that.
  • National Masters Team Event – 2130 Hrs. on Thursday, 18th Nov 2021.
  • Master Pairs / Non-Master Pairs – 1700 Hrs. on Friday, 26th Nov 2021.
  • In case teams are to be seeded, it will be based on the list of players given by the cut-off date of 2130 Hrs. on Thursday, 18th Nov 2021. Once the team seeding is done, it will not be changed in case a player is added or removed by the team. 
  • All pairs whether in team KO or not, will have to give their Pairs entry for Master Pairs by due date.

Entry Fee:

  • National Master Team Entry – Rs. 2500 per Team
  • Pairs Entry – National Master Pairs – Rs. 800 per Pair
  • Pairs Entry – Non – Master Pairs – Rs. 800 per Pair

Prizes: (Total 1.48 Lacs)

  • Team (Rs. 99,000) – 1st – 40,000, 2nd – 25,000, 3rd – 10,000, 4th – 8,000 & 5th to 8th – 4000 each
  • Pairs Master (Rs. 31,500)– 1st – 10000, 2nd – 7500, 3rd – 5000, 4th – 4000, 5th – 3000, 6th – 2000
  • Pairs Non-Master (Rs. 17,500)– 1st – 6000, 2nd – 4000, 3rd – 3000, 4th – 2000, 5th – 1500, 6th – 1000
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