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Asian Games Selection Trials, Pune (Men/Mixed and Women categories)

December 29, 2021

As per the current “National Ranking Policy 2021”, a fixed no. of pairs will be selected to participate in the “Selection Trials” process based on their ranking points at the end of the 2021 ranking point cycle for the “MEN/MIXED and WOMEN” category.

The ranking point cycle(2018-22) as envisaged by BFI after Asian Games 2018 will be completed with Winter Nationals 2021, the last ranking point tournament of 2021.

The Current National Ranking List till 31st December, 2021 is attached here: CLICK HERE

Total Top Ranked Pairs to be selected after all Qualifying events: 

Note: The qualifying benchmark as specified will not be relaxed or diluted to any further rank in case any of the pair from the qualifying list expresses inability to participate for any reasons.

Dates of the Selection Camp:

  • In the Selection Trials 2022, the committee has proposed to formulate separate weightages for each Elimination round and the Final League for camp performance, ranking points carryover and other matters. In addition, a carry forward weightage score will be allocated for Elimination 2 and Final League stages. 
  • A total of 100 Performance Points will be allocated at each stage of Selection Trials 2022 bifurcated for Camp Performance, Win Loss Ratio, Ranking Points Weightage, Stagewise Performance Weightage, Convention Cards Performance. 

Performance Points Weightage Scheme at Selection Trials 2022

Total 100 Performance points allocated

Stages Camp Performance Win / Loss Ratio Ranking Points Weightage Carry Forward Points Conv Cards compliance
Elimination 1 55 Points 5 points 35 points Zero 5 points
Elimination-2 65 Points 5 points 20 points 10 points Nil
Final 75 Points 5 points 10 points 10 points Nil

Qualification of Pairs at Each Stage of Selection Trials 2022:

  Men Mixed  Women
Elimination – 1 28 Pairs 20 Pairs 16 Pairs
Elimination ‐2 16 Pairs 12 Pairs  10 Pairs
Final  8 Pairs 8 Pairs 6 Pairs

For Elimination 1:

Camp Performance: 55 points awarded to the First Ranked pair as per the highest VP scores obtained and prorate points to the succeeding pairs.

Win/Loss Ratio: 5 points awarded to the pair achieving highest wins for each match played in that round and prorate points to the succeeding pairs.

Ranking Points Weightage: The ranking points accumulated at end of the ranking point cycle till selection trials x conversion factor as recommended in the ranking point policy + Online/Live ranking points till the selection trials from the year 2021. The pair with highest ranking points as calculated above will be awarded 35 points.

Convention Card Compliance: 5 points awarded subject to compliance with the WBF guidelines and recommended disclosures.

Elimination 2 and Final:

Carry Forward Points: Based on the “Camp Performance” of the previous elimination. i.e. for Elimination 2, the carry forward points of 10 points will be awarded to the First Ranked pair as per the highest VP scores obtained and prorate points to the succeeding pairs.

The rest of the scale of allocation will be as per the allocation shown against the elimination-2 & Final.


  • In FINALS of all events, for each deal one pre-datum score will be added, based on the analysis of the board by DEEP FINESSE software by a panel of Coaches along with Experts, to arrive at final datum for the deal. All participants shall abide by the requirement.
  • Selection Committee has the right to change the format of the event or the no. of boards per round based on the actual no. of entries in the Mixed event. In case there are less entries, the no. of pairs qualifying to the elimination 2 & final can also be modified.


# Pair DetailsCategory of participation:
Vasanti Shah Bharati Dey


Sumit Mukherjee Monica Jajoo


Sumit Mukherjee Debabrata Majumder


Jaggy Shivdasani Sandeep Thakral


Bharati dey Vasanti Shah


Aparna Sain Feroza Chothia


Rajeev Khandelwal Himani Khandelwal


Keyzad Anklesaria Rajeshwar Tewari


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