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World Bridge Games 2020 to be held in 2022

May 31, 2020

WBF Championships, postponement of the 2020 events, definition of the 2021 and 2022 calendar, quadrennial cycle of the WBF events.
Following the decision made in the meeting of April 14th to postpone the 2020 Championships, the MC examined and discussed in depth the entire matter of the championships, including the WBF quadrennial cycle. The first consideration shared by all the members, according to the various concerns coming from several NBOs,was that it’s impossible to organise in the next years more than one main event in addition to the Youth event. The MC unanimously decided that only one YouthChampionship and one Main Championship will be organised every year. It means that one main event during the current quadrennial legislature has to be sacrificed.

At this point the various possible scenario were examined, together with all the possible connections and implications with the whole sphere of activity of the WBF and its stakeholders, and at the end of the discussion the unanimous decision was to consider the 2020 as not existing, maintaining in 2021 the World Team Championships and postponing to 2022 the World Bridge Games, so maintaining inalterate the WBF quadrennial Cycle only inverting in the even-numbered years the World Bridge Games and the World Bridge Series.

This solution assures the maintenance of our traditional cycle and, a part the inversion of the events in the even-numbered years, don’t involve radical changes in the whole sphere of both our and our NBOs activity. From 2023 the cycle will continue inalterate, without further upheaval.

In consequence of the above, the calendar will be:
• 2021 – World Youth Bridge Team Championships and World Bridge Team
Championships & Transnational Open Teams Championship
• 2022 – World Youth Bridge Team Championships and World Bridge Games
• 2023 – World Youth Transnational Bridge Championships and World Bridge
Teams Championship & Transnational Open Teams Championship
• 2024 – World Youth Bridge Team Championships and World Bridge Series

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posted on May 31, 2020
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