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Official BFI Documents

Please see below for official BFI documents. If you have questions, please write to the Hon Secretary, Mr. Pradeep Kulkarni (


Minutes of AGM 2020

Renewal of recognition of Bridge Federation of India – 2020-21

National Ranking Policy 2018-22 (for Selection of Athletes at International events)

Ministry Compliance (2021-22):

Registration Documents:

Recognized State Bodies/Affiliates:

Annexure J: Details of National Championships conducted during the year: 2021-22

Annexure K: Calendar of National/Federation Championships held in next year: 2022-23

Annexure L: Details in respect of International events abroad – 2021
Due to COVID -19, no specific International event is confirmed as of now

a) List of core probables and basis of their selection.

As per National Ranking Policy, Ranking Points awarded for National/International competitions

List of Ranking of Players (31st December, 2021) – CLICK HERE

b) Details of coaching camps organized including venue, dates and list of participants

Year 2021-22:

  1. Senior Coaching Camp at Shiv Nadar University for Men/Mixed/Women and Senior Championships from 8-14th December for 45th World Bridge Teams Championships. Total 24 participants + 4 Coaches + 1 Support Staff

Year 2020-21:

  1. Senior Selection Camp for Men/Mixed and Women Categories from 12-23rd February, 2020 at Orient Club, Ahmedabad

Year 2019-20:

  1. Men, Women & Mixed Coaching Camp, Pune: 12-17 Feb
  2. Coaching Camp for Seniors: (Men/Mixed/Women/Seniors): 21-26 May, New Delhi
  3. Coaching Camp for Juniors (U26,U21,Kids,Girls): 26-31st May, Nashik

Year 2018-19:

  1. Pune Coaching Camp
  2. Goa Coaching Camp
  3. Asia Cup Report
  4. Asian Test Games Report
  5. Asian Games 2018

c) Notification of selection criteria for such events at least 6 months in advance along with the details of time and venue for selection:

Selection Trials 2020 Announcement –CLICK HERE

d) List of the athletes selected:

Year 2021: CLICK HERE

Year 2020: CLICK HERE

Year 2019: CLICK HERE

Year 2018:

Pune Coaching Camp: List of Probables Selected

Goa Coaching Camp: Men Category               Mixed/Women Categories

Asia Cup, Goa: List of Athletes Selected

18th Asian Games: Indian Team Squad

e) Details of athletes, support personnel and other officials paid to them towards air fare, boarding and lodging, local transportation, daily allowance etc.

As per SAI Sanction Order: NCC No. 51 and 52.

f) Performance criteria which formed the basis of selection, actual performance in terms of timing, distance, etc. and the position obtained by each athlete/team.

Year 2021:

National Ranking Policy (as on 31st December, 2021)  – CLICK HERE

Year 2020:

Actual Performance – Results of Selection Camp 2020 for Men/Mixed and Women

Year 2019:

  1. Selection Committee Report for Men, Women & Mixed Coaching Camp, Pune: 12-17 Feb

Year 2018:

Pune Coaching Camp Results

Goa Coaching Camp Results

Asian Test Games Results

18th Asian Games Results

Annual Reports/Audited Accounts/Budgets:

Annual Accounts (Annexure – D):

  ACTC Filing (Annexure – C):

Annual Reports:

Annual Report – 2015

Annual Report – 2016

Annual Report – 2017

Annual Report – 2018

Annual Report – 2019

Annual Report – 2020

Asian Games 2018 Report


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