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BFI Committees

Advisory & Finance Committee:

Scope: Raise the finances for the federation, advice the federation on the budget and expenditure on different heads.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Sarthak BehuriaChairman (Finance Head)
2S SunderashanCo- Chairman
3Maneesh BahugunaMember
4Kishen GoyalMember
5DB ChoudharyMember
6Smt. Monica JajooMember

Indian Team selection Committee:

“It was unanimously resolved that any  team selected by the BFI to represent India at international events shall comprise only of players who are Indian passport holders. Only such players shall be eligible to participate in selection trials conducted by the Federation to select the team for any such international events . This shall be the official policy of the Federation.”


  • Study, approve and endorse the selection of players to represent India recommended through the procedures laid down by the  National Ranking Policy and advise of Ranking Committee & Technical development committee as well the guidelines as per Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and Sports Authority of India.
  • Appraisal of the performance of the athletes as per the selection camps and recommendations of National coach and appointed coaches.
  • Select Indian teams for Men/Open/Mixed/Women and Seniors Category as applicable.

All events:

Sr. No.NameRankDesignation
1S SunderashanBFI PresidentChairman
2Anand KS Samant (National Coach)Grand MasterMember
3Debasish RayGrand MasterMember
4C.M. Kulkarni (Hon Sec.)National MasterMember
5SK IyengarGrand MasterMember

Athletes Commission:

Scope: To ensure communication between the federation and the players and advice federation with regard to the national implemented policies, tournament schedules and formats, redress of player grievances, training and talent development programs and players welfare.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1B SatyanarayanaMember
2Rajeshwar TewariMember
3Sumit MukherjeeMember
4Pranab BardhanMember
5Arun BapatMember
6Jaggy ShivdasaniMember
7Arvind SrinivasanMember
8KR VenkatramanMember
9Puja BatraMember
10Hema DeoraMember
11Bindiya NaidooMember

Ethics Commission:

Scope: Advice federation on the code and conduct of players, directors and other technical staff and take immediate action on offenders.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Sarthak Behuria Chairman
2Maneesh BahugunaMember
3Sudhir AggarwalMember
4Anand KS SamantMember
5Hemant Pande

BFI Technical Development Committee :

Scope: Advice federation on procedure for selection process, system policies,  bidding Systems suitable for events in India, Code and conduct for directors to implement and administer bidding methods, education to directors for proceeding during the event.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Anand KS SamantChairman
2Sumit Mukherjee Member
3R VenkateshMember
4Sudhir AggarwalMember
5Sandeep ThakralMember
6B SatyanarayanaMember
7R KrishnanMember
8Vinay DesaiMember
9Debasish RayMember
10TC PantSecretary

Directors Accreditation Committee:

Scope: Advice federation on appointments of directors, up gradation and promotion methods, Code and conduct for directors, educate directors for proceeding during the event.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Sudhir AggarwalChairman
2Pradeep KulkarniMember
3R VenkateshMember


Event format and Conditions of Contest (COC) Committee:

Scope: Advice federation on formats suitable for events in India, Create events and general conditions of contest, SCOC and revise the BFI Handbook to the existing bridge environment in India.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
2Sudhir AgarwalMember
5MBV SubrahmanyamMember

Junior Development Committee:

Scope: Advice federation on junior development, promotion, selection etc.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Kishen GoyalChairman
2Maneesh BahugunaMember
3Hemant PandeSecretary

Women & Girls Development Committee:

Scope: Advice federation on Women development, promotion, etc.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Maneesh BahugunaChairman
2Monica JajooMember
3Srihari VargheseMember
4Manjit OberaiMember/Secretary
5Sheetal BansalMember
Mini NaidooMember
Sonal PakvasaMember

Sexual Harassment Committee:

Scope: With a view to addressing complaints concerning sexual harassment of women sportspersons and to promote healthy environment in sports and take strict measures against offenders in a timely manner

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Sarthak BehuriaChairman
2Monica JajooMember
3Hemant PandeMember/Convener
4Anand KS SamantMember

Media and Publicity:

Scope: Create infrastructure to spread the awareness of the game in general masses. Involve media, give publicity, etc.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Debasish RayChairman
2Subir RoyMember
3Anil PadhyeMember
5Hemant PandeMember

Education Promotion and Teaching:

Scope: Create infrastructure, Syllabus, propagate to schools and colleges.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Anand KS SamantChairman
2Ravi RamanMember
3Vinay DesaiMember
4R VenkateshMember
5Debasish RayMember
6Anil PadhyeMember
7Nirmal RajagopalanMember
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