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Welcome to the home page of the Delhi Gymkhana Club India Open Bridge Tournament 2019 for Dhampur Sugar Mills Trophy being organised by Delhi Gymkhana Club from 1st March to 3rd March 2019.

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• Message from the President

  Prashant Sukul

I welcome all players to the 2019 edition of our annual bridge fiesta. The Club takes pride that this Tournament, now well into its third decade, has always enjoyed being amongst the favourite venues for bridge players across the Country. Over the years, we have sought to increase the fun and enjoyment that folks have at the event, and your continued patronage bears testimony to our efforts.

In recent times, the profile of bridge as a sport has been getting increasing recognition, both as a result of performance of our players on the international stage as well as promotion of the sport by the Bridge Federation of India. The performance of our bridge players at the recently held Asian Games in Indonesia, where the Team bagged one Gold medal and two Bronze medals bears testimony to the rise of the sport in our Country. Many of the players of this medal winning bridge contingent are participating in this Tournament so good luck in matching your skills with them and others on the bridge table.

At the Gymkhana Club, our bridge rooms have always been a beehive of activity, sometimes, more than lively. From monthly pairs and team tournaments, to daily games of rubber bridge and regular teaching sessions for beginners and learners, the tables are always buzzing. We take pride in the fact that our members have always been in the forefront of bridge activity in the country, both as players and administrators of the sport at a National level. The current President of the BFI, and two of the Vice Presidents are all active bridge playing members of the Club and are regularly seen mentoring players on the bridge tables here.

As our expression of thanks, to the bridge community at large, we hold this three day annual bridge event and welcome players from all over the Country.

Holding any event is never an easy task and I take this opportunity to thank the many people associated with the successful running of this Tournament. The main sponsor for this event is Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. and to them and all advertisers who have generously contributed we owe our gratitude. The Organising Committee of this Tournament has worked overtime to ensure that everyone has a competitive and fun filled experience, and the administrative side of the Club has walked the extra mile to ensure Gymkhana hospitality at its best. Finally, we owe the biggest thanks to you the players, who are participating and enabling us to hold the event in the first place.

And may the colourful month of Holi bless you with lots of picture cards as you fight your way to success on the bridge table and beyond. Cheers and do have an eventful tournament.

• Message from President - Bridge Federation of India

  S. Sundareshan
President, BFI

It is an honour and privilege to welcome you all to this year’s edition of the Delhi Gymkhana Club’s annual bridge tournament. We, at the BFI have always valued the association we have had with the event since its inception more than 30 years ago. From small beginnings, the tournament has established itself as one of the destination tournaments for bridge players from all across the country.

The president of the BFI should view tournaments impartially and unemotionally evaluating them on the way they are conducted and the players they attract. On all these, and other attributes the Gymkhana Club scores top marks. This event however enjoys a special place in my heart due to my membership of the club. I have to acknowledge a degree of fondness for my “home” tournament. I can personally testify to the opening remarks of the president of the club when he said the bridge rooms here are “ buzzing with activity”.

I have no doubt the tournament this year will live up to its reputation and excel itself. May you all have a wonderful time, and soak in the splendour of the surroundings as well as enjoy the game that has brought us all together from different walks in life.

On behalf of the BFI I would like to take this opportunity to thank the president and members of the General Committee of the club for hosting this tournament and establishing the event as a firm fixture in our bridge calendar. In addition, I would also like to acknowledge and thank the main sponsor Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. for stepping forward and sponsoring the event, as well as all other advertiser’s for supporting the tournament. The sport of bridge, like other sports needs the support of partners to enable the game to march forward.

May the Bridge God’s shower you with Aces, Kings and Queens. Borrowing a phrase from Bollywood let me conclude by saying “Bring on the Josh”.

Good luck.

• About Delhi Gymkhana Club

The Delhi Gymkhana Club is one of the oldest Clubs in India. It moved to its present location on the 3rd July 1913. It was then called the “Imperial Delhi Gymkhana Club” and Mr. Spencer Harcourt Butler was its first President. When India gained Independence in 1947, the word “Imperial” was dropped and it was simply known as “Delhi Gymkhana Club”.

Gymkhana club or the Imperial Delhi Gymkhana club had it humble origins in July 2013. In the initial years, the Polo Club was seen as a part of Gymkhana Club until it was achieved off as a separate entity in the 1930s when the Polo Club moved to New Delhi. The history of the Delhi Gymkhana Club’s origin is not well documented and it is only after 1927 that the club’s history starts getting recorded.

The Gymkhana Club in New Delhi was built at its current address in the early 1930s. The contract for building was given to architect Robert T Russell whose other two building become landmarks in the city: The Connaught place and the commanders-in-chief’s residence, later known as Teen Murti House the residence of prime minister Nehru. Russell was keen that the design of the new structure should complement the bungalows that were coming up right across the road. His drawing of the main building, the residential areas, and even the servant quarters reflect the spartan yet the majestic building set amidst green lawns. In fact, Russell remained involved in the Club’s management and refurbishment until the 1930s as a member of the general committee. The coming up of a new structure that was contracted to one of the two big contractors of New Delhi, Sir Teja Singh Malik, saw the main building take shape with a gravel path in front and a swimming bath close to Safdarjung Road.

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