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Welcome to the home page of the India Open Bridge Tournament 2014 being organised by Delhi Gymkhana Club from 7th Feb to 9th Feb 2014.

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• Message from the President

  Vijay Chhibber (IAS)

Welcome to the Gymkhana All India Bridge tournament 2014. The tournament is over two decades old and has become a regular feature of the Indian Bridge calendar. Over the years the popularity of this mind sport has been steadily growing and it gives us great pleasure to host this tournament so early in the calendar year this time. Winter is a lovely time in the capital and it is a privilege and honour for us to host this event yet again.

The most important part of any game is to have fun and we hope that you enjoy yourself during the 3 days of this bridge fiesta. Enabling a fun experience is a serious business and our Indoor sports committee led by Brig. Rana and the special tournament committee formed to conduct the event has worked long and hard to make sure that indeed all have fun. I want to personally thank them for all the hard work and commitment that they have brought to make this event come to life.

Events such as these are now proving impossible to hold without the assistance of sponsorship and a special thanks to the family of the Late Brij Mohan Gupta, the State Bank of India and to Maj. SK Hooda who have contributed generously to help us organize this event. These days technology has started playing an important part in bridge tournaments and for the last few years we have been scaling up our access to bridgemate scoring machines, automated card dealing machines, computers, projectors and other technology associated with being able to help move the tournament seamlessly from one round to the next.

It will be raining aces, kings and queens in the Gymkhana Club over the next three days and we do hope you all have fun and make the "impossible" contract and defeat your opponents in their ice cold contracts! Please contact our volunteers for any assistance you may need. All the very best & Happy Bridging.

• About Delhi Gymkhana Club

The Imperial Delhi Gymkhana Club was established on 3rd July 1913 at Coronation Grounds, Delhi for use of the ruling elite comprising of officers of the Indian Civil Service, Armed Forces and Civil Residents of the then Delhi. The Lutyens Delhi was conceived during 1912-1930 and consequently, "The Imperial Delhi Gymkhana Club", was allotted 27.3 acres of land in Lutyens Delhi, during 1928 when the perpetual lease was signed with the Govt.

Mr. Spencer Harcourt Butler was its first President. When India gained Independence in 1947, the word "Imperial" was dropped and it was simply known as "Delhi Gymkhana Club". Sir Usha Nath was the first Indian President of the Club. The Club so far has had 52 Presidents. The present president is Mr. Vijay Chhibber, IAS. The club is located in the heart of Lutyen's New Delhi occupying 27.3 acres of prime land. As per site plan made on the drawing board by Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens as part of his grand design for Imperial Celebrations, Lutyens Delhi - the eighth in line - was built in an area littered with stones, tombs, domes, ruined walls and gardens of former Capitals - the historic cross roads and battle grounds of India.

The club is primarily a sporting club and has the distinction of having 26 grass courts and 7 clay/synthetic courts with three of them flood lit. The grass courts have been in existence since 1940. The club has an active tennis membership of over 200 and also runs an active training academy for juniors. Despite increasing preference for synthetic courts, the Club maintains its grass courts and can boast of the largest number of grass courts in the country which if not better are of as good as the Wimbledon Grass Courts The Club has the proud privilege of holding several National & International championships including the Grand Prix Tennis Tournament and Davis Cup matches. Some of the top Tennis and Squash Players have played here.

The clay /synthetic courts are the main stay during the rainy season when grass courts are closed. They perfectly align in the North-South axis and are surrounded by thick bushy trees so that the screens are not visible. The lush plants surrounding these courts are interspersed with perennial flowering bushes which lend a pleasant colour. An interesting feature of the club is its location in the middle of an elite residential area. As a result, the Club has tennis almost through out the day. The busy professionals like to play early in the morning combined with breakfast in the club, followed by their house wives later in the evening.

The Club also has 3 squash courts, a covered swimming pool with solar heating facilities, functional through out the year, a dining hall with three bars, a restaurant and a library probably larger than any other club in India with approximately thirty five thousand books with reading rooms for adults and children and 43 transit cottages for its members who come and stay here from all over the world.