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June 8, 2017

In the recently held Asia Pacific Bridge Championships at Seoul, South Korea Shibhnath Sarkar (kachchu) and Pranab Bardhan (chotan) representing the Indian Open team emerged WINNERS at the OPEN PAIRS Finale with a score of 60.6 %. There were two qualification sessions before the final.

The duo had an amazing performance in the Open teams category where their Butler rankings as a pair were:
2nd rank overall in Round Robin 1
6th rank overall in Round Robin 2.

The results of the championship is ENCLOSED HERE

Overall Update at APBF: At the end of the double round robin played over 8 days, the Indian Open and Seniors team finished 5th and 4th rank respectively.

The Seniors team had a consistent performance (Mr.Ashok Ruia, Mr. Archie Sequiera, Mr. NRK Moorthy, Mr. R Krishnan, Mr. JM Shah, Mr. R Sreekrishnan) but missed the third rank in the later stages by a whisker of less than 1 VP in the final tally.

The Open team (Mr. Arun Jain, Mr. Badal Das, Mr. Shibnath Dey Sarkar, Mr. Pranab Kumar Bardhan, Mr. Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhay, Mr. Aloke Sadhu along with Mr. Joyjit Sensarma (NPC/Coach) which had a dominant performance in the tournament entirely till the last day had a dent in the last match and settled at the fifth position.

The ladies team finished 10th in the Women category.

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posted on June 8, 2017
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