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President’s Message

January 24, 2021

 Dear Bridge Friends,

BFI is extremely happy about the great response we had for Winter Nationals considering that this is first time a major online event has been held on such a large scale basis beating expectations of all. We are gratified. I thank the entire dedicated BFI Technical team (Directors, Scorers, Broadcasters, Event Managers, Reviewer) who have put tremendous efforts to make this event successful under the able guidance of Mr. T.C. Pant and Mr. Sudhir Aggarwal.

When I took over as President in 2018, I had indicated that any bridge player who is unable to compete in a tournament if he/she cannot afford to pay the entry fees will be compensated by the President, BFI personally. The new BFI committee as recently elected and constituted would again reiterate that –

a) any bridge player who is unable to pay any tournament entry fee for any BFI tournament or masterpoint registration fee would be reimbursed by the President, BFI personally.

b) I am glad to inform that one of our most enthusiast bridge player Shri. Arun Jain has made a generous contribution to help us in making efforts toward this program of supporting the deserving bridge players by providing reimbursement of their entry fees.

Feel free to write to BFI Hon. Sec. Mr. C.M. Kulkarni

Wish you all a Happy 2021 again.

S Sundareshan

BFI President

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posted on January 24, 2021
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