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National Ranking

The BFI announces the following as the policy for the selection of the Indian teams for the various categories; this is based on the recommendations of the Technical Committee, wide consultations and the need to improve on past practices. This policy confirms the principle and guidelines as per National Sports code 2011 which is in force till date.

The Official Policy Document is ENCLOSED HERE

The earlier National Ranking Policy 2019‐2022 was published for the selection of Indian Teams for various categories viz. Men / Mixed / Women. The policy earmarks certain benchmark eligibility criteria for invitation to coaching camps and selection trials.

However due to the Covid‐19 pandemic, it became necessary to modify the earlier policy as there were no live tournaments held from March 2020 onwards till date. Also considering the current pandemic situation, it is highly possible that there will be no live events possible till Dec 2021. BFI in the mean time has started having online events from Jan 2021 and hence the Executive Committee of BFI has officially constituted a Ranking policy Committee to further discuss the modalities, which can take care of the online national events and to propose the amendments to the existing National Ranking Policy in order to prepare the framework for the Selection Trials 2022.

Addendum to BFI Ranking Policy (2021) –CLICK HERE

RANKING POINTS: All Ranking Events (2019-21)


It mainly considers evaluation on the basis of the performance of athletes at recognized domestic (national level) and International events and weighs this performance by an appropriate ranking scale in short listing the probable. The policy will be the basis of selecting the athletes to represent India in Asian Games, World Championships and WBF Zonal championships.


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