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Masterpoint Scheme 2020

BFI Technical Committee has recently upgraded the Original Masterpoint Scheme with effect from October 2020 in order to streamline the masterpoint policy and its scale in view of the current environment of tournaments conducted in India.

Based on the suggestions received on the implementation of the new scheme, some changes have been incorporated. The revised document can be found from the link below:

The details of the Masterpoint Scheme 2020 is ENCLOSED HERE

The salient features of the new scheme are as under:

​a) All Tournaments held anywhere in India will be awarded masterpoints only if they are recognized by district/state or by the federation and eligible as per the proposed masterpoint scheme in size and structure.

b) Tournaments are ranked as ​​Level 1, 2, and 3 categories based on the parameters set for each level.

c) A dedicated sub committee called “Masterpoint Secretariat” is constituted by the Executive Committee which will be fully empowered to undertake the entire task related to masterpoint scheme application for all BFI Tournaments. The members of this committee are enclosed in the document.

d) There will be no masterpoint calculation made by any Tournament Director/Organizer at any level. All results of any recognized tournament (except for Level 1 & 2 categories where capitation fees are paid) will be sent to their respective state secretaries who will be the only official source to forward it to the Masterpoint Secretariat at regular intervals as mentioned in the circular. Results of tournaments conducted under Level 1 and 2 ranks where capitation fees is paid will be compiled by CTD and sent to Masterpoint Secretariat directly

e) Any fresh registration will henceforth be accepted directly on the BFI website via a dedicated form ​​with a registration one time fee of Rs. 500 per player.

A dedicated registration page has been set up for the new players.

All state associations will be duly informed of the new players in the regular reports sent to them.

However renewal fees are to be paid to their respective state associations annually which is Rs. 200 per player each year. This includes the WBF capitation fee, masterpoint maintenance fee along with state capitation fees.

f) Players will ​have to​ ​​compulsory to have a masterpoint number to participate at the Level 1 National tournaments.

g) Depreciation in yearly masterpoints will be effective from next year onwards as per the scheme ​​from the rank level of Life master and above.

h) All levels of tournaments have been ​​a predefined scale for masterpoints calculations.

i) Online Tournaments recognized by the federation will carry​​ 50 % weightage of the original masterpoint scale

j) Players redressal and grievance committee formed for any masterpoint related issue will be redressed by sending a mail to

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