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Kudos from the BFI Bermuda Bowl committee!

June 9, 2015

The BFI Bermuda Bowl committee would like to recognize many individuals for their contribution and hard work in organizing the massive event that is the Bermuda Bowl. We would like to publish the names of all of the folks/organizations who are devoting their time, energies and monies to make this event the phenomenal success that it should be. The list below is a start. We expect the list to be expanding exponentially as we get closer to the September time-frame. Please do forgive us (and kindly let us know) if we have overlooked any names.

Thank you.

Sri. Subhash Gupta
Sri. Sunit Chokshi
Sri. Prasad Keni
Sri. Kanwaljit Singh
Sri. Sudhir Agarwal
Smt. Kiran Nadar
Sri. Nirmal Rajagopalan
Tamil Nadu Bridge Association
Sri. Mahesh Gupta (Kent)
Sri. S.Srinivasan
Madras Alumni Club (Sri. R.Shankar, Sri. R.N.Subramanian, Sri. H.K. Jhaver, Sri. K.K.Arunkrishnan
Sri. T.V.Satakopan, Smt. Varalakshmi, Sri. N.R.Krishnaswamy, Sri. S.Natarajan
Sri. D.V.Ravi, Sri. J.Sriram, Sri. C. Mohankrishnan)
Sri. V. Ramkumar
Sri. and Smt. Hari
Smt. Sushila Natraj
Sri. Debasish Ray
Sri. S.K. Anand
Sri. V.Suuba Rao
Sri. V.G.Gowrishankar
Sri. K.Swaminathan

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posted on June 9, 2015
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