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JHIC Results Update

July 15, 2013

Photos from the venue can be seen here.

Hi all
many of bridge lovers might be keen in knowing the results of JHIC tournament results.
after 8 rounds of swiss ( 50 temas)Guptas ,b’lore topped the league with 110.5 vps on 20.0 scale.2nd NSR& Rajuji team after creating an experience to the Tds and and Rv Reached comfortably to Finals. other end Dr Srinivas team had a comfortable sail to the finals. Tomorrow will be the finals day of 3×14 bds. Rajuji& NSR team studded with , Jaggy, Raju Tolani,Keyzad, JM Shah, Arun bapat & Dr.NS rao.
Akshay bteam comprises =Dr k srinivas, praksh kejriwal, KK reddy, SK iyengar, AV sadasiva.
QF results—
AS Gupta beat Kishen by 66-16 imps,
NSRao beat Mandar by 72-8 imps,
Guduvada( beat one of the faniced team CVRao in rd 7 by 19-1 vps)beat Banger cement by 42-24 imps ,
and Akshay beat Bangalore aces by 42-14 imps.
Semi finals- 2×12 bds-Akshay beat gupta by 60-37 imps and Rajuji& NSR beat Gudivada by 51-28 imps.
In Board a match R venkatesh Team won comfortably.

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posted on July 15, 2013
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