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Interview with Mrs. Marianne Karmarkar

May 5, 2013

Bridge Life Past Present and Future

What is your name?

Marianne Karmarkar

What are your nicknames in bridge community?


Where are you from?

Mumbai, Maharasthra

Where do play bridge mostly? Are you a full time professional?

Only major tournaments now.

Do you have a regular bridge partner/team?

Hema Deora. Occasionally, Sandeep &JM Shah play with us for local tournaments.

When, Where and How do you practice with your partner/team?

Weekly and national tournaments &regular practice sessions, besides telephonic

When, Where and How did you start playing bridge?

I hail from a family of bridge players – the Alphonsos, who were familiar faces
on the bridge circuit. I was interested in music drama however, in those days,
tournaments were played throughout the week &as my parents &brothers were
regular players, I would returne to an empty house. With "If you can't beat 'em,
join 'em" as my motto, I was initiated into the game.

Any interesting/funny stories about early bridge career?

I remember playing a Board-a-Match event with Yvette, where our opponents played
in 2H and went one down for +50 to us. On the other table, Sandeep &Raju Tolani
bid upto 6S after Landy &the contract went down only because the 6 of spades was
in the wrong hand. Minus 50 was a scratch board!

Which places have you lived and played bridge in?

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Bombay girl (Mee Mumbaikar aahe).

What was your first major win? What do you remember about that?

I treasure winning the Ladies Pairs Trophy with Yvette Singapuri, only because
my mum had won the same trophy partnering her. I'd consider the Agarwala Trophy
with my husband, Sandeep as my real major win, as winning ladies events don't
really count.

When did you start getting noticed? When did you start thinking about winning national championship or playing for India?

The first time I qualified to play for India was a day before my wedding! One
can well imagine my addiction to the game.

What is the future of your bridge career? What do you want to achieve?

I'd love to belong to an Indian Bridge Team that made a mark internationally.

Thoughts on Indian Bridge

What are general comments on status of bridge in India?

Bridge will die, if it is not encouraged among the children and youth. We need
to motivate youngsters and expose them to the nuances of the game.

What do you think of major tournaments in India?

Major tournaments are being conducted in grand style, using the latest
technology, mainly due to the generous sponsorships. I still recall playing a
Summer National in Hyderabad, bending over the carrom tables lit by a single
bulb, playing in stifling heat ! We've surely come a long way, baby!

How can we promote bridge in India?

Start classes at the
school & college level.

How do you compare Indian bridge to rest of world?

Although Indians are intelligent &talented, it is merely the lack of opportunity
and experience that has prevented us from succeeding internationally. In the
past year, Indian teams have done quite well abroad.

How can we do better in International competitions?

Regular practice & fixed partnerships & continuous upgrading of systems will
stand us in good stead abroad.


Would you like to share any information about your family members? Does anyone else play bridge?

As stated earlier, my parents &brothers play bridge, I married a bridge player –
Sandeep- &I hope to teach my twin daughters the game shortly.

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy reading,
travelling & socialising.

Where did you study? Where did you work?

B.Sc. at St.Xavier's College, Mumbai & MMS (Marketing) at S.P.Jain Institute of
Management & Research, Mumbai Presently working as Manager (Information
Services), Bharat Petroleum.

Interesting Trivia

Favourite World Bridge Player

Jeff Meckstroth

Favourite Indian Bridge Player

Karmarkar(Restricted choice !)

Favourite Place to play Bridge

Anywhere, just need a pack
&three more players!

Most Favourite System

Power Precision

Least Favourite System


Most Favourite Convention

Negative Double (multipurpose)

Least Favourite Convention

Quantitative 4NT. (whoever applies it, has to pray that partner understands)

Most Favourite Contract


Least Favourite Contract


Declare or Defend?


Scientist or Naturalist?


MPs or IMPs?


Bridge is …


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