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Inter State Championship 2013 – Welcome Message from President, B.A.U.P. & V.B.A.

August 22, 2013

I am immensely pleased that the “All India National Inter State & Junior Bridge Championship 2013” is being organised at Varanasi by the Bridge Association (U.P.) and Varanasi Bridge Association under the aegis of the Bridge Federation of India (BFI) from 22nd August to 25th August 2013. Bridge Association Uttar Pradesh is indeed privileged to have this wonderful opportunity of hosting this national event.

Our beloved leader Mr. NRK Moorthy and the executive committee of Bridge Federation of India has generously bestowed this honour upon us for which we are truly beholden.

I take this opportunity to warmly and cordially welcome all the participants of this Bridge Championship at Varanasi. I am very happy that many juniors are participating in this tournament. Youngsters will surely get a big boost from playing in such important events.

The organizing committee is putting in valiant and dedicated efforts to make your sojourn to Varanasi memorable, comfortable and eventful and looking forward to welcome players who are coming from far and near and renew old friendship and make new ones.

Varanasi is always been the seat of learning and culture. It is in fact the oldest city in the world. As the renowned author Mark Twain put it “Kashi is older than history, older than tradition, old even than legend”. I am confident players will enjoy visiting ancient forts, palaces, stupas and temples.

Let me conclude that Bridge and wall are made of same material but bridge is to join people and wall is to separate, So let us play the game in the right spirit to join and not to separate.

I would fail in my duty, if I don’t thank the management of Benares Club and all those who have contributed generously for conducting this event and supporting the Bridge Fraternity.

Best of Luck to all & May the best win. Kunwar Vijayanand Singh
President, B.A.U.P. & V.BA.

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