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Inter State Championship 2013 – Day 2 Results

August 24, 2013

It is WBBA “B” Vs. U.P. B.A. (Kr. Vijayanand Singh) & Indian Railways Vs. Maharashtra in Team of Four Semi-Final

Team West Bengal Bridge Association “A”, continued from where they left on day-1 and amassed another 30.59 VPs in the last 2 rounds to top the 8-rounds Swiss league with 127.56 VPs. INDIAN RAILWAYS finished second with 111.37 VPs and West Bengal Bridge Association “B” were third with 101.46 VPs. A total of 26 teams participated in the event.

Delhi, UPBA (Kr. Vijayanand Singh), UPBA (Virendra Singh), UPBA (Amar Bose) & Maharashtra were the other qualifiers to the knock-out quarter finals.

The round-by-round results of the SWISS LEAGUE & FINAL STANDINGS are given on Page 2.

In the 3*12 boards quarter-finals played yesterday evening, WBBA “B” (Arijit Guha, Sovan Mitra, S.Roychowdhary, Subroto Saha, S.Ghosh, Shailranjan Das.) beat WBBA “A” (Kamlesh Gupta, Prabir Paul, Pinaki Khan, Satyabrat Mukherjee, Abhijit Chakravarty and Pranab Bardhan) by a mere 7 IMPs; INDIAN RAILWAYS ((Debbrata Majumder, Sumit Mukherjee., Amarnath Banerjee, Rana Roy, S. Dutta, P.Agarwal) crushed U.P.B.A. (Amar Bose) (R. Bhargav, S.Bhattacharya, S.Bose, A. Tripathi, C.M.Singh) by 157 IMPs; Maharashtra (Jitu Solani, Dipak Poddar, Sandip Karmarkar, Anand K.S. Samant, R.A.Agarwal, Anal Shah.) beat DELHI (T.C. PANT, DALEEP MUTREJA, NAMIT SHARMA, RAJESH JAIN, SUNIL BHATIA)) by 42 IMPs and UPBA (Kr. Vijayanand Singh) (Pradeep singh, Indresh Agarwal, B.N. Rastogi, A.K. Sinha.) beat UPBA (Virendra Singh) (S.K. Garg, B.N. Batra, S.A. Abbasi, Dr. D.C. Gupta, Anil Bansal) by 33 IMPs.

The line up for today’s 4*14 boards semi-final is – WEST BENGAL BRIDGE ASSN. “B” Vs. U.P.B.A. (Kr. Vijayanand Singh) & INDIAN RAILWAYS & MAHARASHTRA.

Today the Subhash Agarwala Pairs elimination round will be played in 3 sessions.

A Match Point Pair event was played yesterday in 2 sessions of 18 boards each for non-qualifier teams. There were total 46 pairs. The winners were:

1. Marianne Karmarkar – P. Sarkar 388.41
2. Bharati Dey – Rita Chokshi 377.29
3. S.R. Malhotra – Ved Prakash 374.09
4. A.K. Singh – S.M. Moin 372.82
5. A.K. Baliarsingh – R.C. Nayak 356.00
6. A.K. Thakur – S.K. Singh 355.03
7. Shashi Jain – Dr. Nikita Kamal 343.21
8. V.A. Phaphunkar – V.V. Limaye 339.33

The juniors Team of Four event will also start today.

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