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Information letter – Indian Ladies Bridge Development

October 2, 2016

Please find enclosed information letter by the BFI President Mr. Prasad Keni expressing his thoughts for the Indian Ladies Bridge Development. You can share your views to him @ [email protected]

The letter is ENCLOSED HERE

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  1. October 6, 2016 at 7:45 pmBharati Dey

    request u to pl have a team event for the ladies as against pairs. seniors don't have so many teams yet u hold a team event for the seniors so why this discrimination, ur argument for the ladies is not enough teams same should apply for seniors too? u mentioned about team event diluting the strength of the team i thought it was the other way around, in pairs a lot of luck element is there n on their lucky day a weak pair qualifies n that is what dilutes the strength of the team where as in team event the luck element is minimum. the ladies ask for pairs because if a strong ladies team is formed then they feel they have no chance so if the ladies r afraid to compete against their what they perceive as strong ladies team then what is their future if they play pairs n qualify by luck n play against the strong world teams. after all the idea is to send the strongest ladies team to represent the country.

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posted on October 2, 2016
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