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HCL Bridge Championship 2013 – Final Result

August 13, 2013

11th HCL Bridge Championship was held at Tivoli Garden Resort Hotel from 8th to 11th Aug. Total 77 teams participated in the tournament with 40 Teams in Team of Four Gold Event and 37 Teams in Team of Four Silver Event. 180 Pairs took part in the Open Pairs event and 72 pairs played IMP Pairs event on the last day.

For round by round results, bulletins and other details see the event website.

Team of Four Gold:

In Team of Four Gold event MOHIT MEHTA (Mohit Mehta – Captain, Kingshuk Bhattacharya, Pinaki Khan, S B Mukherji , Avijit Chakraborty, C S Majumdar) beat ALMOST FAMOUS (Hema Deora – Captain, Gopi Nath Manna, Badal Das, Shibnath Dey Sarkar, Pranab Bardhan, Partha S Mukherjee) in 56 Boards (4 x 14) final by 3 IMPs (154-151).  The final turn out to  be a nail biter and Mohit Mehta’s team took the Naresh Tandan Trophy home with the superb performance. Swiss League leaders Texan Aces lost to Ayan’s in Quarter Final. Mohit Mehta’s team won their Quarter Final match against fancied Dhampur Sugar Mills team after 18-5 victory in 4 board tie breaker.

In the first of the 4*14 board semi-final of the Team of Four GOLD event, MOHIT MEHTA beat AYAN’s (Nirmal Jain – Captain, Sanjay Sodhi, Ayan Mandal, Rajeev Parasar)  by 69 IMPs. In the second semi-final, ALMOST FAMOUS beat SUNIL MACHHAR (Sunil Machhar – Captain, R Sridharan, Raju Bhiwandkar, Vinod Sharma, Puneet Gangal, Sudhir Aggarwal) by 12 IMPs.

Team of Four Silver:

In Team of Four Silver event CONSTELLATION (AmarJit – Captain, Dr Nikita Kamal, Shashi Jain, Anil Bharihoke, R Chakravorty, V Ravichandran) beat LOTUS (Subhash Mehta – Captain, S D Gupta, V K Luthra, Rehan) in 56 Boards (4 x 14) final by 75 IMPs (154-79).  The final was over more or less over in the third set when CONSTELLATION thrashed their opponents by 47 IMPs

The semi-final of the Team of Four SILVER event turned out to be a cliff hanger as CONSTELLATION (AmarJit – Captain, Dr Nikita Kamal, Shashi Jain, Anil Bharihoke, R Chakravorty, V Ravichandran) beat SARTHAK BEHURIA (Sarthak Behuria – Captain, Sanjay Damle, B G Daxindas, Abhay Todankar, Janak Shah)  by an solitary IMP. At half way stage, Constellation after losing the 1st set by 25 IMPs recovered 18 imps in the 2nd set to trail by 7 IMPs. They recovered 10 IMPs in the 3rd set to take a 3 imps lead after 3rd set. It was anybody’s match in the 4th set. Behuria’s team tried very hard but alas could recover only 2 imps to lose by a solitary imp.

In the second semi-final, FASCINATION (Alok Khemka – Captain, Col S P Arvind, Kavita Dhawan, Madhu Aggarwal, Ujjwal Gupta, Sushma Gupta) outplayed LOTUS in the first 2 sets to gain 25 imps lead. LOTUS recovered 13 imps in the 3rd set reducing the lead of their opponents to 12 only. However LOTUS thrashed their opponents badly in the last set winning it by a huge 74 imps to win by 62 imps. LOTUS is being represented by Subhash Mehta – Captain, S D Gupta, V K Luthra, Rehan.


In the Open Pairs final SANDEEP THAKRAL – KAUSTUBH BENDRE pipped RAVI RAMAN – RANGA KHADLOYA by a mere 2 match points to win the event. There were 52 Pairs participating in the Pairs final.

The IMP Pairs event also attracted 72 pairs. The 2 session event was played in 3 sections of 12 tables each.  The winners of the IMP Pairs were A R D Sequeira – Vivek Bhand.

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