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European Open 2013 – Indian teams crash out

June 24, 2013

The initial stage of the Open teams event saw the Polish team come out on top with 146.5 Victory Points out of a maximum possible score of 200. ApolloSoyuz, a US-Russian combination were a close second with close to 140 VPs. Other qualifiers included Team Mahaffey with the legendary Meckwell, the Israeli-German concoction of Team IsrMany and Team Vitas, with the formidable Drijver-Brink. Teams that narrowly missed the cut included “Texan and the Turks”, a Turkey-USA combine, who fell agonizingly short by less than a VP, Team Rekstad and several other strong teams from Europe. The biggest surprise was the failure of team Monaco “Z”, who are ubiquitous contenders. Team Monaco finished a lowly 40th.

Both Indian teams in the fray crashed out of the event. Team DAR, an eclectic merger of partnerships ended 70th, just below average. The more fancied Texan Aces finished 89th, well below expectations. Admittedly, the qualifying stage of this event was extremely tough, with only 16 teams proceeding to the next stage out of a total of 120 teams.

The Womens and Seniors teams events are going on in parallel. No Indian teams are competing in these events.

The next stage in the medal events is the pre-quarter-finals. The non-qualifying teams have the option of playing match-point pairs.

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posted on June 24, 2013
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