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Certified Directors

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The WBF has set a deadline of September 30th, 2017 as the latest possible date for Zones and NBOs to commence using the new 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge.

The link for the revised edition of 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge is ENCLOSED HERE

BFI Certified Directors List

National Asst. National Regional Director Asst. Director

Directors at Level : National

MBV Subrahmanyam National AP [email protected]
Virendra Kumar Sharma National AS [email protected]
Kailash Newathia National UP
Pranab (Ranju) Bhattacharya National WB [email protected]
Anant Bhagawat National MH [email protected]
[ MRG Apparao National AP [email protected]

Directors at Level : Asst. National

Ajay Brahmachari Asst. National WB [email protected]
Narasingha Rao Asst. National AP [email protected]
Sanjay Chakraborty Asst. National JH [email protected]
Gora Roychowdhury Asst. National WB [email protected]
Sujit Chakrabarty Asst. National AS [email protected]

Directors at Level : Regional

Parimal Vahalia Regional GJ [email protected]
Balchandra G Daxindas Regional MH [email protected]
SM Joshi Regional MP [email protected]
Nem Kumar Jain Regional UP
Ram Prakash Bhatnagar Regional UT [email protected]

Directors at Level : Director

Babul Chandra Paul Director AS [email protected]
BH Iyer Director DL [email protected]
S.K. Shah Director GJ
Kaustubh Deodhar Director GJ
K Srinivasa Reddy Director AP
Chitale Avinash Shankar Director MH [email protected]
Bhimsen Pradhan Director OR
K. S. Swaminathan Director TN [email protected]
Mohan Panghotra Director CH
Kashi Nath Das Director WB

Directors at Level : Asst. Director

Kshitij Patel Asst. Director GJ
K Subramanian Asst. Director TN
Nandani Prasad Asst. Director DL
Govind Vithal Nori Asst. Director AP
Sri Prakash Sharma Asst. Director UP
Sant Parkash Sharma Asst. Director CH
Y.K. Trivedi Asst. Director GJ
Sumathy Iyer Asst. Director TN
C. Satishkumar Asst. Director TN [email protected]
V. Ramkumar Asst. Director TN
T. Sankar Asst. Director TN
Shantanu Rastogi Asst. Director UP
Govind Josyula Asst. Director AP
TK Pratihar Asst. Director JH [email protected]
Sukrit Vijaykar Asst. Director MH [email protected]
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