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Change in Rule for Participating in Pairs Event

November 1, 2018

This is with reference to the current rule being followed by BFI, wherein we don’t allow a player who is seeded (by virtue of his qualification to the KO stage of the tournament) to play with a non-seeded player (who has not qualified to the same level of qualification stage).

Hence, suppose I had a partnership with say Mr. X, who is playing in another team but wants to play with me in Pairs, then this partnership was not being allowed, if I don’t qualify for QF and he reaches QF stage.

As seen this year at World Championship, WBF allowed pairs of different class & rank (non-seeded & seeded) to participate together. hence effective from Winter Nationals at Chennai, BFI technical team is going to change its rule and allow those players who want to play together in PAIR EVENT independent of whether one or both are qualified to KO stage or not. Even we can allow a player, who has not at all participated in the team event, to play with another, who is qualified to say QFs.

However, the following conditions will be applied for allowing such partnerships:
The pair should have given their entry before the start of the first elimination round of the Pairs event.
Not more than 3 pairs of a team will be allowed to play as seeded pairs, when they join from a KO stage to a Pairs elimination round. The onus will be on the team captain, which 3 pairs he is allowing. So each pair of the team should inform their captain and take his permission beforehand about playing with a player outside the team.
If they fulfill the above 2 conditions, we would allow them.

This is for information to all.


TC Pant

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posted on November 1, 2018
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