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45th World Bridge Teams Championships – Confirmed (27th March – 9th April)

January 21, 2022

As per the information received from WBF to our BFI President, Mr. Sundareshan, he has advised that the 45th World Bridge Teams Championships will take place as per schedule (27th March- 9th April) subject to extreme COVID situations.

In addition, we have the following update from WBF for the players and officials:

1.      The Supplemental Conditions of Contest are now available on the WBF website – click here to download them. Please check them carefully.

2.      The deadline for registration of systems has been extended and is now 14th February, 2022

3.      If the members of your delegation require visas to enter Italy, please read and follow the instructions on the Championship website – it is important to check the exact requirements or you are unlikely to obtain a visa. Please do this as soon as possible as the process may take some time.

The Visa Submission form is attached here on BFI Website

4.      The protocols for Covid-19 restrictions are also on the Championship site, with links to the detailed requirements laid down by the Italian government. Please ensure you check these regularly as they are liable to change as matters progress

5.      Check the Anti-doping requirements and ensure anyone requiring a TUE applies for it early – again the links to the information are on the Championship site

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posted on January 21, 2022
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